Jefferson listened closely but silently to Wayne’s words, returning the smile he was given at the end. “See? I firmly believe you will be able to do it.” His smile brightened a bit more but he quickly averted his eyes when he realized he was doing so, a light blush creeping up on his face.

"Well, thank you." The young brunette leaned back in his seat and scratched the back of his neck, as their eyes met once again. Deciding it was a good moment to change the subject before it became more embarrassing for them.

"So… If you don’t mind the asking. Who’s your caretaker? You made it sound quiet mysterious." Wayne asked curiously.

Adjusting to marriage

{ Gina }:


❝ I didn’t even know that Storybrooke had countryside….
    I suppose you learn something new  e v e r y d a y . ❞

Regina rose from her seat and took his hand in hers,
A sweet gesture not common for her to do,
and headed towards the kitchen..

❝ So what will we be making, Mr. Booth? ❞

"So, does that mean Storybrooke got
an extension pack with your return?”

Wayne joked and followed her close by
on their way to the kitchen.

"I’d say some light… finger food."
He suggested, barely able to keep
his hands off her.

The Jacket
"You're safe, I've got you."



"I had to take Pongo out…" Archie explained, though it’s clear he’s delirious from fever. Even Pongo’s worried, turning in circles in front of them, as if trying to alert Wayne.

"Oh, you don’t have to do that…" Archie said tiredly, but didn’t protest otherwise, shuffling inside of his apartment again. 

"But I will." He gave back, lightly rubbing Archies back after he brought him over to the old sofa. "You’ve done so much for us, now let me at least do this for you. It would be a pleasure for us to take Pongo until you feel better. Our little one will be thrilled to have him around. Maybe he’ll help her trying to convince Regina to get her a puppy.”

Adjusting to marriage



❝ —Right, right.
   cooking. I forgot. ❞

She paused a moment, another smile gracing her features.

❝ Oh! A picnic? That sounds….perfect. ❞

"It is. Trust me, you will like it.
There is this beautiful spot some
place between the wishing well
and the old barn.”

He told her, excitement reflecting in his eyes
as he spoke about the place he discovered
during a stroll with Destiny.

"No town. Just you and me…
and the countryside as far as your eyes can see.
It must be perfect to watch the sunset from there.”

“If you don’t end up smiling while you are kissing someone, you are probably kissing the wrong person.”
— Unknown (via blackbruise)
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Adjusting to marriage


❝ ——I love you. ❞

And with that she continued to kiss his lips,
even going to the extent to smile against
                                               his soft lips.

"I could do this the whole day
that much I love you too.”

He smirked back against her lips,
letting his fingers travel down to pull up
her shirt.

"Or… we start getting over to the kitchen
and do some magic to take out for a little picnic.”

Adjusting to marriage



❝ You know it’s hard for me to do that….
    But yes. I’ll simply get up early to finish. ❞

She smiled and closed her eyes, kissing him back.
Then she wrapped her arms around his neck, to 
make sure he didn’t pull away.

"Mhm…" he agreed to her decision
before their lips reunited.

As if he would want to ever pull back again.
He was still way too excited about the fact
that they finally managed to keep their
promise to be together.

Wayne removed his hand from her cheek
only to wrap his arms back around Reginas
waist and held his wife just as close.


                    “—-No, no. Don’t you start
                    checking  up  on  me, too.
                    I’ve  been  fine,  my  boy.” 

          Geppetto took his son’s hand and pulled him into a hug.
     He  would  never  hold  it  against  Wayne, he did wish that
     he got  to  see  him  more—but  he  knew  that  he  had  his
     hands                      full                      at                      home.  


          The older man let go of the younger and stepped back,
     apologizing  quietly  when  he  saw that he left a thin layer
     of sawdust on Wayne.  Geppetto  brought  his  hand to his
     son’s              shirt,               dusting               it              off.  

                    “—-It’s alright,  Wayne.  I
                    know   you   have   been
                    busy.  Your  brother  has
                    been    a    lot    of    help
                    around    the   shop.   He
                    keeps  me  up  to  speed
                    on you and  your  family.”

„That’s still no apology for not being here more often.“
the younger man returned and gently stopped his father
in his action to clean him up. In fact Wayne kind of missed
the smell of sawdust clouding him. It had something rare.
Something that reminded him of being home.

Though Geppettos words slightly worried him.
His brother was meant to do better this time,
Blue had told them.

„But he’s also going to school, isn’t he father?
You know he can’t be here all the time.“

"You're safe, I've got you."


"I had to take Pongo out…" Archie explained, though it’s clear he’s delirious from fever. Even Pongo’s worried, turning in circles in front of them, as if trying to alert Wayne.

"No you don’t." Wayne shook his head and brought his friend back inside, after he’d caught Archie just in time on the hallway. Leaving the door open for Pongo to follow them. "You have to get back to bed in that condition. I’ll take care of him."